Binh Thuan: Record price of dragon fruit

Dragon fruit in Binh Thuan increased and maintained high after the Lunar New Year 2017 to present.

Dragon fruit export standards are purchased by traders at the garden about 18,000 VND / kg, sometimes up to 20,000 VND / kg; VietGAP dragon fruit is approximately 25,000 VND / kg. The small fruits consumed in the country also fluctuate 11,000-12,000 VND / kg. This is the record price of dragon fruits in Binh Thuan, three times higher than before Tet.
Giá thanh long ở Bình Thuận cao gấp 3 lần so với trước Tết nguyên đán Đinh Dậu

The price of dragon fruit in Binh Thuan is three times higher than before the Tet Lunar New Year

As a result, many gardeners have been selling dragon fruit for about a month and earn a high profit of over VND100 million per hectare. According to Binh Thuan bowl owners, this year the weather is unpredictable, the off-season dragon fruits after Tet produce low yields, while China’s market demand is rising sharply to push up prices. Expected, the current price level can be maintained in the next 2-3 months.

Binh Thuan province is the capital of dragon fruit with the total area of 26,500 hectares, the average output is 500,000 tons / year. At least 80% of the province’s dragon fruit output is exported to China.

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