Dragon seedlings

Dragon seedlings

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Dragon seedlings Plunged into many cute shapes such as hearts, bear faces, spheres, five-pointed star, … the mini dragon pots are priced from 90,000 to 100,000 make many people fascinated.

Accidentally once to play a friend’s house in Binh Duong, Ho Duy Khanh (Go Vap, Ho Chi Minh City) see the funny trees with different designs. Khanh asked and bought some pots for sale. Each pot is priced at 90,000 – 100,000 VND. Unbelievably, less than two days to sell online, the number of people ordered to dozens of people. Expensive goods should embark on a large number of online sales.

100.000 đồng/cây thanh long mini khiến khách teen mê mẩn

90,000 -100,000 VND / mini dragon pots set the table. Photo: Ngoc Lan.

The second time, Khánh entered about 70 pots and was sold out within 3 weeks. Khanh said that this is a kind of seed sown from dragon fruit, which is shaped by the gardener to create funny shapes and small shapes to develop at a certain level.

“The plant is in pots, only 20-30 cm tall, its body is green, its leaves are small, flowerless and easy to care for. Players only need to water once a week and do not have to fertilize, prune. Each tree will grow and grow to a certain level and die. The average life expectancy of trees is 6 months, Khanh said.

100.000 đồng/cây thanh long mini khiến khách teen mê mẩn

Dragon mini scene has a maximum age of up to 6 months. Photo: NVCC.

The tree is shaped into various cute shapes such as spherical, five-pointed star, heart-shaped, bear face, rainbow, … Thanks to that, this plant is very popular and enjoyed by young people. Khanh sells 50 – 60 trees a month. Recently, the crown on Christmas, the number of visitors is twice as expensive, the situation “supply is not enough demand.” Khanh said, according to the garden in Binh Duong, after Christmas more than a week, the new source of supply to the market.

Nguyen Phi Yen Nhi (Quang Trung, Go Vap, HCMC) also bought a pot of star-shaped plants on the desk. After 2 weeks, the plants are green and normal. Nhi said, taking care of the green trees does not take effort and time, feel relaxed and relaxed, relaxed. The tree is funny shape so many of you come to the idea that the tree is artificial, but when you know the true tree, everyone likes it. Nhi’s four-member family also owns a tree of this kind with shapes such as spheres, hearts, stars, and arcs.

100.000 đồng/cây thanh long mini khiến khách teen mê mẩn

The dragon fruit tree is bent into various funny shapes. Photo: NVCC.

According to Lan, a seller of this variety in Me Tri Ha (Nam Tu Liem, Hanoi), the dragon fruit is easy to cultivate, not hungry and can adapt well in the cold room. Therefore, in addition to the teenager, the office workers also ordered a lot.

Mr. Cuong (Hoai Duc, Hanoi) also bought a star-shaped pot planted on the company desk. Due to the specificity of IT (computer engineer), Cuong had to spend more time with the computer screen. Placing small green plants on the desk makes your eyes feel comfortable and it also has the effect of filtering the air.

Sister Trinh, owner of the mini dragon fruit nursery in Binh Duong Province, said: “Mini dragon fruit is actually grown in dragon fruit, it belongs to dragon cactus family. When trees reach a certain level of growth, gardeners begin to take care of and shape the plants. Both the process of care and shaping is very elaborate and time consuming so customers have to order 15 or even 30 – 45 days.