Dragon Tree Growing Technique

Dragon Tree Growing Technique red dragon fruit for high yield

Quality of Vietnam introduces planting techniques and care to have a garden of red dragon fruit with no fruit and no pests.
Red Ginseng is a fruit with high nutrient content suitable for keeping the shape and beauty of the woman. It also contains many of the micronutrients needed by the body to help the body heat up the heat. In order to have a good quality red dragon fruit garden, it is necessary to have good planting techniques and good care.

Kỹ thuật trồng cây thanh long ruột đỏ cho năng suất cao - Ảnh 1

Red gooseberry has a good nutritional profile for the user

Preparation of the post:

The cylinder is usually chosen to have a diameter of over 25 cm, 2.5 to 2.7 m in length, after burial is about 2.0 m high. At present, the trend of farmers is to lower the cylinder head, that is, after the burial cylinder is completed, the average height is from 1.6 m to 1.8 m, and the diameter is only about 15 cm.

Kỹ thuật trồng cây thanh long ruột đỏ cho năng suất cao - Ảnh 2

Each tree placed four trees

Seed preparation:

Choose cuttings 30-40cm long, choose branches large, healthy, straight, no pests, aged> 6 months. The bottom of the cuttings (3-5 cm long) is cut off the meat outside, leave the core, to avoid rot of seedling, then dipped in a fungicide such as Benlate C, 0.1% concentration for 5 minutes.

Land preparation:

Land is prepared before planting dragon fruit for 1-2 weeks. Use Benomyl (0.1%) to irrigate the soil before planting to prevent fungal diseases. Soil should be used to help drainage well. The size is 10-15cm high, 60-0.80cm in diameter.

Land used for planting dragon fruit is topsoil mixed with manure 15-20 kg (organic fertilizer: 10-15kg / head) + 500g super phosphate + Basudin (2g / tissue).

Growing season:

Dragon fruit can be grown year-round, it is best to plant in the spring and autumn.

Planting method:

Place the core to the ground, the flat surface of the dragon body hugged close to the pole and nylon pillars to the pole, each post placed four hom.

Density is 1100 head / ha, planting distance is 3m x 3m


Hom after watering twice a day (do not water too much water will cause root rot), when the plant has grown, depending on the weather, water the plants, do not let too dry and do not water. Too moist, pay attention to drainage when the flood.

Pruning, creating canopy:

Kỹ thuật trồng cây thanh long ruột đỏ cho năng suất cao - Ảnh 3

Caring for pruning orchids to produce more fruit

From the ground to the top of the pole, only one branch is left. In this time, it is necessary to pay close attention to the pole attached to the stem so that the biogas roots attached to the pillar help the branch not to break when it rains or winds.

At the top of the pole, the branches can be trimmed to create a circular pattern and evenly distributed around the cylinder. The new branches on the top of the pole will be pruned in principle: a branch, two twigs. Choose the healthy branches to leave. Frequently pruning moth ears, branches, insects, branches lying in the canopy, branches gave 2-3 years

Fertilizer application:

After planting for 2 weeks (for complete root crops) can use Urea + DAP or NPK 16-16-8 or 20-20-15 irrigation, dose of 20-30g / cylinder, 10 days / time

Trees 3-12 months using Urea + DAP or NPK 16-16-8 or 20-20-15 irrigate 30-50g / head, 15 days / time depending on soil type and increase with age.

Trees 1-3 years: Manure or organic manure can be used from 20-50kg / head / year, divided into 2 times. The first time when the tree is ready to bloom (February – March), the second time from September to October after the pods, the new branches and the new ones.

Use NPK fertilizer 20-20-15 or Urea, DAP, KCl. When plants are flowering and growing fruits, it is important to pay high phosphorus and potassium levels.

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Apply fertilizer to plant more flowers

Foliar fertilizers: In order to stimulate the flowering of the fruit, increase the gloss of the fruit, left ear and fruit size, and use the foliar fertilizer used in the market. Depending on the purpose of use choose different foliar fertilizer formulas. Stop spraying foliar fertilizer before harvesting 2 weeks

Pests and diseases:

Ants: Dragon fruit are susceptible to fire and attack ant species, can be easily prevented by insecticides. Spray around the tree and place the attacking ants, or sediment

Fruit fly: It is possible to use SOFRI protein or fruit bag after pollinating 7-10 days.

Broken branches: Can be easily treated with copper-based drugs such as Benlat C, Coc 85, Ridomyl.

Anthracnose: Appearance on the branches and left: Preventive treatment of Ridomyl, Antracol. For flowers after hatching 3-5 days need to prune the stigma that has wilted at the top of the fruit, spraying and bagging fruit with non-woven.

Kỹ thuật trồng cây thanh long ruột đỏ cho năng suất cao - Ảnh 5

Spray pesticides to make the dragon fruit delicious


Depending on market, fruits can be harvested from 29 to 31 days after flowering.

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