How to take care of red intestines

How to take care of red intestines

Red gooseberry is a fruit tree that brings high economic value. In order to help the farmers get high yield when planting this tree, the article below will introduce to farmers how to grow and care for Red Dragon fruit effectively.

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How to choose the red dragon fruit:

You should choose cuttings about 30-40cm long, large and strong, not pestilent. Hom can be cut before planting. Hom is arranged in low light areas until roots come to the roots and sprout new. Or can be planted directly in the field.

Planting time:

Can be planted at any time of the year. However, to reduce the cost of irrigation, farmers should plant at the beginning of the rainy season (around 3-4 months).

Planting method:

First of all, you should put the dragon fruit core to the ground, the flat side of the dragon body hugging the pole. Then use the plastic nylon column to the pole. Each pole placed 4 hom.


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Then water regularly twice a day until the plant has grown. Depending on the weather, watering the plants, not too dry, nor too humid. Particular attention should be paid to drainage when flooding.

Planting distance:

You should plant 1100 head / ha and the planting distance is 3m x 3m. Thus, the new plant has sufficient ventilation as well as the ability to absorb nutrients from the soil.

Pruning, creating canopy:

From the ground to the top, only the leaves are left. During this time, people need to pay close attention to the pole pole to the roots of the branch sticking to the pole, helping branches not broken when the rain, wind ….

Pest control:

Dragon red intestines are very susceptible to insect ants, fruit flies. Therefore, people should closely monitor and care plants to timely detect pests.
In addition, farmers should use foliar fertilizers to stimulate flowering, increase shading, fruit hardness and fruit size. Note to stop spraying foliar fertilizer before harvesting 2 weeks.

Above are some techniques and how to care for red dragon fruit. Hopefully with these sharing, you will have a good harvest of red dragon fruit.