Long Hoang Import & Export Co., Ltd

Address: Thuan Minh Village, Thuan Quy Commune, Ham Thuan Nam District, Binh Thuan Province, Viet nam.
Phone: + 084 083 929 0290    –    Fax: + 084 083 929 0393
Hotline: 097 640 3901  –          Email: ropi.vn@gmail.com
Website: ropi.vn

The first words please allow our company to send you greetings, wishes for health warmest!

Is a company dedicated to the research of cultivation and export of products from dragon fruit. With the desire to bring fresh fruit products to everyone.

So in recent years the company has constantly brought Long Hoang science and technology to improve the quality of farming products. Branding Dragon Ropi, and bring products to the world with your friends.

Thanh Long Ropi products have achieved standards of food production process clean, to be present at the demanding markets such as USA, Canada ….

With these achievements have been achieved we pride ourselves that message emulsions with his work to bring community benefits, the good things that left Ropi bring clean Dragon.

Scale cultivation is constantly expanding to meet the needs of fresh fruit on a lot of the market. But not so that we broke the commitment to clean fruits with others to pursue profits. As more brands Ropi dragon fruit also in her mission to promote fruit brought Vietnam to foreign friends.

Our last word Overall staff LONG HOANG Co., ltd would like to thank the partners have been working together in recent years. Together we achieve these goals. Good for everybody always fully colon health.

We wish there were more of your cooperation to bring Dragon brand Ropi go further! Thank you.