What is Globalgap certification?
GLOBALGAP is an internationally recognized set of farm standards for Good Agricultural Practices (GAP). Through certification, manufacturers demonstrate the implementation of their GlobalGap standards. For consumers and retailers, the GlobalGap certification is a guarantee that food meets acceptable levels of safety and quality, and that the production process is proven to be sustainable and relevant. Concerned about the health, safety and welfare of workers, the environment, and taking into account the “welfare” issues of livestock. Without this assurance, agricultural producers may be rejected by the market. The Bureau Veritas certification agency understands all of these issues and can make the necessary assessments to help the company achieve its Global Gap certification.

Certification process?
The certification process is carried out in the following major steps:

Specify the scope of certification.
* Evaluation (optional) to assess the current status of the farm.
* Certification Assessment (certification): confirms business meets GlobalGap requirements.
* The certificate is valid for 1.0 years from the date of the certification decision
* Re-certification to track conformance and regular improvement process.

Key Benefits of Global Gap Certification
Demonstrate to customers (retailers, traders, importers) that their products are manufactured according to good agricultural practices.
Create trust for the consumer.
Ensure market penetration.
Increased operational efficiency and competitiveness.
Apply processes for continuous improvement.
Reduce second-party inspections of farms as most major retailers accept this certification.