General introduction

After WTO accession, Vietnam’s export sector has made many positive changes; However, the export volume of Vietnam’s exports to foreign countries has not been as expected. Part of the main reason is that our goods are subject to very strict import standards. Currently, the export market of agricultural products-seafood-food in the world is controlled by very high standards of product quality as well as food hygiene and safety. In the face of these difficulties, since 2006, ASEAN has published the GAP (Good Agricultural Practices) process for the member countries. And on January 28, 2008, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development issued Vietnam’s own standard, abbreviated VietGAP.

What is VietGAP

VietGAP (Vietnamese Good Agricultural Practices), which means Good Agricultural Practices in Vietnam, issued by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development for each product or group of fishery products. , grow and feed.

VietGAP is the principles, order and procedures to guide organizations and individuals to produce, harvest and process post-harvest to ensure safety, improve product quality, ensure social welfare, health Healthy producers and consumers; At the same time environmental protection and traceability of production.


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