1. General Characteristics
Fruit is a tropical bar, appropriately hot weather, drought-resistant solid, is not withstand ung.Thanh dragon trees required bundle pillars, after 2-3 years will grow dragon can trai.Thanh gray planted on land, alluvial soil, red soil and alkaline soil, but require well-draining soil.

– Like a good and popular dragon in our country today is the white flesh dragon fruit. Dragon fruit with red and yellow intestines are also popular, but white flesh dragon fruit varieties grow stronger, larger and sweeter fruit than red flesh and fleshed varieties.

– The dragon fruit plantations are mainly present in Tien Giang, Long An, Binh Thuan Province with an area of ​​over 10,000 hectares up.

2. Technical plant and care

– Planting season:

+ For irrigated areas with good conditions: growing at around 10-11 months of the calendar

+ For the water shortage: should be planted in early rainy season.

– Planting density: 1200 -1300 appropriate from office / ha (about 2.8 m x 3.0 m)

– Pruning: This is a very important part of business for dragon fruit, including 3 stages as follows:

+ Trim pain: after harvesting the left or the left just before the final round of collection and trimming 2/3 old branches, twigs sick, diseased.

+ Sparks: pruning regularly during care, fertilizing end to the dragon, look away now ailing branches, insects.

+ Pruning branches fix: when fruit trees were stable, in the branches continue to grow shoots, to prune off branches to the tree fruit nutrition focus.

– Watering and mulching:

+ For dragon fruit grown in arid regions such as Binh Thuan, or in the dry season when we handle adversity dragon and watering the crops, mulching is very important to help the dragon well developed and effective for the high flower to keep lighting. Depending on soil moisture and soil structure which irrigation intensity usually 3-7 days / times.

– Treatment and care of flowering fruit:

+ There are many flower remedies against measures cases but is the most efficient lighting.

+ Time continuous lighting 15-20 night depending on season and weather conditions, lighting time 7-10 hours / night. After 3-5 days, the lighting stopped flowering. From flowering to harvest about 52-54 days.

+ Before lighting 1 week need to pick flowers fertilizing phosphorus and potassium rates high, you start treatment, the more lighting division Krista-MKP 100- 200 g dose / office to achieve the highest rate of flowering .

– The process of fertilization:

When the dragon came on stage for the performance (stage business), the manure needed annually to an estimated 10-15 kg / head / year.

– Dressing as follows:

+ When pruning: 0,3-0,5kg (NPK 30-20-5) / office + 0.25 kg (Nitrabor) / office

+ Before flowering (7 days before lighting): 0,3-0,5kg (NPK 13-13-20) / office + 0,10kg (Nitrabor) / office

+ After each batch results: 0,15-0,20kg (NPK 15-9-20) / office + 0,05-0,10kg (Nitrabor) / office

* Note: Combined spray MgNO3: 50g / 10 liters of water in stages pruning to stimulate new shoots quickly burnt out and limit spike in the dry season.

3. Pest prevention

Relatively little fruit tree pests khac.Ve fruit than insects, we only note that prevention is, the most important bugs and yellow flies. To prevent yellow flies, we can set traps VIZUBON-D to lure and kill males, to see just full of dead flies trap surface of the conducting spraying VISERIN 4.5EC, VIDECI 2.5ND, … to prevent maggots (fly larvae of gold). In addition to the handling of chemicals, we need to collect and destroy the rotten fruit loss, 10H or VIBASU VIBASU sprayed to kill the pupae underground 10BR and is … Where the fungal rot tops can use one of the chemical drugs like VIROVAL 50BTN, VIXAZOL SC 275, or Viben 50BTN, … spray 2 times (Monday sprays sprays from the first 7 days).