Technique to take care of dragon fruit

Technique to take care of dragon fruit

Dragon fruit is a kind of plant that is easy to grow but difficult to care for. Especially, the fruit starts to produce fruit. The dragon fruit is native to the desert and is a tropical plant. Growth and development is 14 – 26oC and maximum is 38-40oC. In light frost conditions with short time, it will cause mild damage to dragon fruit. Vietdragonfruit will encourage farmers to take care of trees. Dragon fruit in the weather conditions below.

1 – Light

The dragon fruit is influenced by the flowering of flowers, in the conditions of long days, the plant grows and develops well in the places where the light is full, lacking the light stems of the sick and long fruit. However, if the light intensity is too high, high temperatures will reduce the dragon fruit’s ability to grow.

2 – Water

Dragon fruit has high tolerance to unfavorable environmental conditions such as good drought tolerance, but the tolerance of waterlogging is not high. Therefore, in order to grow well, many fruits and berries need to provide enough water, especially during the flower sprouting, flowering and fruit breakdown. The demand for rainfall for plants is 800-2000mm / year, if excess will lead to flower loss and fruit rot.

3 – Land
Dragon fruit is grown on many kinds of soil from arid soil, sandy soil, gray soil, alum soil to alluvial soil, basalt red soil, meat soil, clay meat. However, in order to grow high-yielding dragon fruit, it must be porous, well-ventilated, well-drained, lightly acidified soils or alluvial soil covered with alkaline soil with pH from 5.5 to 6.5, high organic content , Not salty.
4 – Garden Design

   Prepare soil
As lowland as in the Mekong Delta (Mekong Delta), it is necessary to dig ditches to the lagoon to discharge alum, saline and raise the cultivation layer: the ditches are 1-2m wide, 6-7m wide. Then plant the pillars, put on the tissue and apply liner. Dimensions: 80 x 30 cm. Lips should be designed in the north-south direction and planted in the form of fangs (between the rows, the next plant should be staggered) to maximize the sunlight of the east-west direction to increase bar productivity. cage.
The high ground should dig the hole, the hole size 80 x 30 cm. Choose a source of spring or ground water to irrigate the plant in the dry season.

Plant windbreak

For dragon fruit planted in the central coast, windbreaks should be planted, such as jackfruit, coconut, … can be planted directly to the wind direction to reduce the damage of the wind to the dragon fruit. .

Growing a pillar

It is important to prepare the pillar before placing the specimen in the same month, using reinforced concrete pillars, brick or wooden posts. If using wooden pillar, use good wood, rain-proof, long-term. However, using wooden pylons easily leads to deforestation, therefore, reinforced concrete pillars or piles are now recommended, pillars with horizontal or 12-20cm diameter, high above the ground 1 , 5-1.6m, for the cylinder cement buried deep underground about 0.5m, above the cylinder has four iron rods appearing 30-40 cm long is bent in four directions used as a support for the dragon fruit .
It should be noted that when using cement pillars during the first year of the solar season, the absorbing heat can easily break off the aerobic roots of the dragon fruit, so use straw, banana leaves or thin wrappers around the cylinder to reduce the Heat absorption of the cylinder.

Prepare seedlings for planting

Branches selected for breeding should be selected on healthy, healthy mother trees, and must meet the following criteria:
+ Age from 6 to 24 months, branches should be selected from branches have started wood to reduce rot rot.
+ Best branch length from 40-50 cm.
+ The plant is dark green, clean pests.
The eyes must be good, good, good ability to sprout.
After selecting the branches, the root of 2-4 cm branches are cut off the branches just leave branches of branches to help branches quickly to root and avoid root rot. Branches are cut into thin air for 10-15 days for roots or can be planted straight through the stage of cuttings.

Density, planting distance

The spacing is 3.0 mx 3.5m or 3.0m x 3.0m. Density is 70-100 head / 1000m2. It can be intercropped with other plants. However, it is important to ensure that the dragon fruit receives sufficient light.


Dragon fruit in Vietnam has a lot of varieties / lines, but the varieties are currently popular and are exported in the market are white dragon fruit, they are able to grow and grow well in Vietnam, for High productivity, beautiful fruit shape, white flesh, flowering time from April to September, fruit from fruit set to harvest 28-35 days.